Raffle 2017

Thanks to all our amazing raffle donators the raffle of this years EPC raffle was a huge success. Everyone got a price. So a big THANK YOU to all our donators for this years great raffle!!

We will have a big raffle over the Euro Pride Con weekend, with amazing prizes sponsored by the generous Authors, Publishers, Companies and Freelancer in the LGBT Fiction community.


Every EPC Attendee will be given a free ticket for our raffle on Sunday. 


We will draw random winners during our raffle ceremony and everyone will have the same chances to win and pick any of the remaining prizes.


  1. One Signed DINA 1 EPC Poster by the Euro Pride Con Team
  2. One Kindle Fire by Extasy Books
  3. One print copy of 'Capture' by Annabelle Jacobs', Two print copies of 'Undercover Boyfriend' by Jacob Z. Flores, Two print copies of 'Druid's Lodge' by Kelly Clemmons, Three print copies of 'First' by K.C. Wells and Three print copies of 'The Gilded Scarab' by Anna Butler by Dreamspinner Press
  4. One $50 Amazon Gift Card by J.P. Kenwood
  5. Three handmade Pussyhats 'Rainbow Edition' by Andrea
  6. Two print copies of 'Sacred Band' by Joseph D. Carriker, Jr
  7. The complete Men of London series (8 eBooks) by Susan McNicol
  8. Euro Pride Con messenger bags by Reg Dixon
  9. A bundle of the author's paperbacks by K.C. Wells
  10. One print copy of 'Bones' (Gothika #2, Anthology) and one print copy of 'Night of Shadows: Queer Horror Anthology' as well as one Lexi Ander swag bag by Eija
  11. Notebooks with LGBT covers by Rainbow Gold Reviews
  12. One USB stick with the author's complete backlist by Blaine D. Arden
  13. One Amazon Gift Card by Love Bytes Reviews
  14. A couple of the author's paperbacks by L.A. Witt
  15. Four of the author's paperbacks (in French) by Amheliie
  16. One Swag Bag by Mia Kerick
  17. Three of the author's audiobooks by Tere Michaels
  18. One DVD, Three paperback and one homemade rainbow marmalade by Isa Brandt
  19. Two of the author's paperbacks by Chris Scully
  20. One signed print copy of 'Gyrfalcon' (Taking Shield 1) with swag by Anna Butler
  21. One e-copy of 'Blessed Epoch: Vol. 1' (4 book bundle) by August Li
  22. One print copy of 'Jack of Thorns', 'Knight of Flames' & 'Lord of Ravens' (Inheritance 1-3) and a swag pack including Inheritance key rings by Amelia Faulkner